The Core Knowledge History and Geography™ interactive ebooks

The Core Knowledge (CK) Sequence is a detailed guide to specific content and skills to be taught in Grades K–8 in language arts, history, geography, mathematics, science, and the fine arts. In the domains of world and American history and geography, the Core Knowledge Sequence outlines topics that build chronologically or thematically grade by grade.

Features of the ebooks include:

  • The entire text read aloud in English and/or in Spanish with the ability to switch back and forth instantaneously between both languages
  • Audio-synchronized highlighting with six highlight options: none, word, fragment, fragment plus word, sentence, and sentence plus word
  • Reading speed control
  • Engaging activities for students to complete as they read
  • Prompts that check students' understanding as they read
  • Embedded third-party videos and resources that deepen or extend understanding around domain content

A comprehensive and integrated assessment system

  • School, teacher, and student dashboards
  • Eleven CK validated tests with 116 questions available in English and Spanish. Questions & answers will read aloud when clicked.
  • Create your own quizzes from CK validated questions in a shared database or create your own questions.
  • Question types include: Multiple Choice, Yes/No, T/F, Check-all-that-apply, Matching, Fill-in-the-blank, and Essay. FITB & essay are teacher graded.
  • Assign quizzes and track quiz grades
  • Graphic display of performance over time with drill down ability to see details of ebook reading, reading time, and quiz grades (by school, class, or student)
  • Quiz question and answer analysis
  • Integrated Messaging System