Features of the Assessment System

School, teacher, and student dashboards
Individual Dashboards

School, teacher, and student dashboards

school settings
Universally Control Settings
Detail pages for students and classes
Class and Student Detail Pages
Give feedback and send messages
Send Messages and Give Feedback
core knowledge validated tests
Core Knowledge Tests

Eleven CK validated tests with 116 questions. Each test, and question is also available in Spanish. Click for Question and answer audio.

create your own quizzes
Create Custom Quizzes

Create your own quizzes from CK validated questions in a shared database or create your own questions.

easily assign quizzes
Easy Assignments

Assign quizzes and track quiz grades

easy grading and automatic grading
Ready for Grading

Question types include: Multiple Choice, Yes/No, T/F, Check-all-that-apply, Matching, Fill-in-the-blank, and Essay. FITB & essay are teacher graded.

Analyze Your Quizzes
graphic display of performance
Graphic Display of Performance

Graphic display of performance over time with drill down ability to see details of ebook reading, reading time, and quiz grades (by school, class, or student)