Summer Reading Around the World

Twenty-five dual-language, interactive ebooks, free for the summer for all children and families.

To start reading, Click here or the world map below. It's that simple. Enjoy!

We understand how important it is for children to read over the summer and are making 25 interactive ebooks available to families across the country to read this summer for FREE! To help encourage children to read, we are providing bingo games with plenty of cards so siblings can compete, an "Around-the-World Passport" for children to paste in book cover "stamps" as they read the books, and a Pinterest page with all kinds of activities for families to do. In addition to reading, children will have fun touching animals and other objects to hear the sounds.

Each dual-language (English and Spanish) eBook may be read alone or with word highlighting and audio turned on. Speed control features can be slowed for struggling and learning readers or increased to boost reading speeds for proficient readers. Touch the animals and listen as they chirp, howl, and roar!

Download these fun activities and learn more about your world!

If you'd like to encourage your child(ren) to read and reward their efforts, we'll add a little incentive -

  • Children who read all 25 interactive ebooks will receive a free book and a Reading Award Certificate! Parents can send in the completed passport(s) with Parent Contact Form to claim their childs award.
  • Teachers who organize the effort and submit passports with Teacher Contact Form for 10 or more children will receive one-year free access to all 140 Arbordale interactive ebooks and 5 free books* for their classroom.
  • If five or more teachers from the same school submit passports, the school earns 25 or more books* and unlimited schoolwide and home ebook access.

  • * This free book award offer includes free shipping within the US. We are happy to arrange shipping outside the US on your account or pass through our cost.

What do I need to do to get the free books?

After the summer or whenever you are ready for your free books, please:
    1. Gather up the passports. They should have 25 stickers attached and a parent signature.
    2. Complete the Parent Contact Form or the Teacher Contact Form as appropriate.
    3. Send your completed form(s) with passport(s) to:

      Summer Reading Program Coordinator
      Arbordale Publishing
      612 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite A2
      Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
As soon we get your package, we will send the star reader one free book and a personalized Award Letter for each child (and, return their passports). For teachers coordinating the program, we will send one package with all student books, award letters, and passports. The box will also include five free books as a thank you for coordinating this effort. And, you will receive free access for one year to our Fun eReader® with all 140+ Arbordale interactive ebooks for your classroom.

Free ebook access is good through August 15th and we need to receive packages by September 30, 2017.