Customer Support

Technical Support for Core Knowledge ebooks and Apps

Training Videos (click to view):

Minimum Requirements:

Java, Javascript enabled on the computer

Supported Browser Versions - Chrome: 40.0+, Firefox: V35+, Safari: 7.1+, IE: V11+, iOS 9.2+, Android 4.4.2+

Setting up school access for the first time:

The key to success is making access easy for teachers and the families at home. Schools that do all 8 steps below tend to see big usage and those that do not, do not.

  • click on the Access Link and set your school password
  • bookmark the Access Link on school computers
  • put the eBook Access Link on your school website
  • for iPad & Android devices, download the App and sign-in
  • test access from Arbordale's eBook Access portal
  • set your building IP address(es) so no password required in the school. Use the "Set IP" link in your setup email (para 4)
  • MOST IMPORTANT: send email/letter home to the families explaining home access. Sample letter is in the setup email.
  • Schedule a training webinar for your teachers.

Logging in on different Devices


  • go to Google Play and install the app
  • install and open "ES File Explorer" and choose App Manager
  • select the Fun eReader app, and tap Backup at the bottom of the screen
  • wait for the "Backed up Application Successfully" message
  • connect your Android device up to a computer using a USB cable

On your computer

  • open the drive which appears (should be your Fire) and look for the "backups" folder
  • open the "apps" folder within backups
  • copy the Fun eReader APK file from there onto your computer

On your Kindle Fire

  • go to the Amazon app store and download "ES File Explorer"
  • connect your Fire into your PC using a USB cable
  • copy the APK file from your PC to the Fire's internal storage
  • disconnect the Fire from the PC
  • select Apps, then ES File Explorer
  • select Fun eReader and choose Install

Fun eReader app will now appear on the Fire's App bookshelf ... enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase eBooks?

Our online store has an eBook page where you can purchase all of our current titles. Click here to shop.

I have created an account and paid for my eBooks in the online store how do I find my books?

On a computer once you have completed the checkout in the online store go back to the home page and click Library to login to your account and view your books for the first time. We also have the option of creating a desktop icon for PC users. Find this on the My Account page after you have logged in.

To view purchases within the iPad or Google Play app sign into your account using the same email and password or six digit code. Once you have purchased books, click on the eBook button and the purchased books will no longer show a preview banner, these are viewable with a Wi-Fi connection. To download books go to the My Account page and click Manage eBooks to download your purchased books.

I want to see how many books were read by my class this week where do I find my usage data?

Yes. If you, or your district/school administrator has chosen not to hide usage data, in the app go to the My Account page and under the settings heading click the arrow next to "Display Usage Data" to view your results. This feature is also available online on the left navigation bar. If Usage data is not enabled contact your administrator or contact us for assistance.

I cannot advance eBook pages using page curl with my mouse. I have a touch-screen laptop PC with Chrome.

This is a problem unique to touch-screens with Chrome. We are aware of the limitation and are trying to resolve. What we have observed is that you can still turn pages using the page curl method with your finger, just not with the mouse. We also have the page advance buttons on the navigation bar and they do still work with your mouse. This an annoyinng problem but the work arounds will get you going until we fix the underlying code issue.

My MAC will not open or play the eBooks after the Fun eReader opens.

  • Open System Preferences - Network. Check the IPv6 setting. Make sure Configure IPv6 is NOT set to Automatically. Flip the setting to Off
  • From your Safari menu bar top of your screen click Safari > Preferences then select the Security tab. Deselect: Enable plug ins. Quit then relaunch Safari to test.
  • And try deleting the cache associated with Safari. (Not the same as deleting the cache from the Safari menu bar. Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder Type this exactly as you see it here: ~/LIbrary/Caches/
  • Click Go. Move the Cache.db (or ApplicationCaches.db) file from the folder to the Trash. Quit then relaunch Safari to test.

I am a teacher, and my school had a site license that is now expired, can I reactivate this site license?

Yes, our education programs department would be happy to assist your school in renewing your site license. Please email or call us at(843) 971-6722 to receive a customized plan that fits best with the needs of your school or district.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at (843) 971-6722, toll-free (877) 243-3457, or email us.